Families are very welcome to stay at the lodge, however the open-fronted nature of the chalets and dining area is suitable for children over the age of 10years.

In cases when whole families wish to book the lodge, we will forgo this restriction provided parents take full responsibility for their childrens’ safety.

Chundu Cottage which is a private house is available for children of all ages. The cottage is set 20 metres back from the river, but still has great views.

Latitude S 17° 48’ 35.4456″ (-17.809846) | Longitude E 25° 40’ 21.8496″ (25.672736)

On some GPS maps “Nakatindi Road” is indicated on the Zimbabwe side which is incorrect. Nakatindi Road is in Zambia and runs between Livingstone and Kazangula. Chundukwa River Lodge 25km from Livingstone off Nakatindi Road.

Self-drive: From Lusaka – Drive through Livingstone town, turning right at the traffic lights at the Nissan showroom. From here drive through the National Park for 25km, turning left at the wooden Chundukwa road sign. Drive 1km along the sand road, past the Polo fields, swinging right into our car park.

From Botswana – After crossing the border at Kasane, drive 3km to the T-junction, turning right to Livingstone. Continue for 45km and then turn right at the Chundukwa road sign. Continue as above.

From Zimbabwe – After crossing the border at Victoria Falls town, drive 10km and turn left at the traffic lights at the Nissan showroom. From here drive through the National Park for 25km, turning left at the Chundukwa road sign. Continue as above.

From Namibia – After crossing the border at Katimo Mulilo, drive 220kms in the direction of Livingstone, turning right at the Chundukwa road sign. Continue as above.

For further details and maps please see our How to Find Us page.

This is included in the Fully Inclusive and Full Board Packages.
Transfers – these can be arranged through the lodge at any time.

Mosquito Repellent, Sunscreen (especially for white river rafting), Sunglasses, Hat, Comfortable shoes for game walks, Rafters and a waterproof camera bag for viewing the Falls, Light raincoat for the rainy season (November to April), Fleece and anorak for early morning trips or winter evenings around the fire, Glasses for those who wear contacts as dust may irritate eyes, Laundry services are provided, so three days worth of clothing is ample.

Activities can be booked directly through our office at Chundukwa. Please contact us to discuss what you are interested in and we will help you make all the arrangements and book your transfers.

Upon arriving at Chundukwa we will take the time to introduce you to all the activities that are available and help you plan your time and book all your activities for you. If there is something in particular you already know you want to do, then do contact us earlier so we can ensure you get a place.

Depending on the time of year, some activities are very popular in the high season which runs from May through to the end of October.

Yes we take, Visa, Master Card, Maestro. We do not accept American Express.

It is best not to change money into local currency until you know how you want to use it. There are Bureaus and we can arrange for you to get to one.

Please check to see whether you require a visa. This can be purchased online or at your port of entry into Zambia. Please ensure that you bring with you the correct amount in cash in US Dollars.

If you are intending to see Victoria Falls from the Zambian and Zimbabwean sides or wanting to visit Botswana and then return to Zambia, please ASK at immigration when you arrive in the country for a Univisa. This will cost $50 per person and allows you to cross between Zambia and Zimbabwe as much as you want (valid for one month) without additional fees. It also allows you to visit Botswana for a day which is useful if you wish to do a Chobe Day Trip.

IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CANNOT GET A UNIVISA, you can buy a double entry visa when entering Zambia. If you wish to cross into Zimbabwe you will be able to purchase a ‘day visa’ at Zimbabwe Customs. Prices vary according to different passport holders.

SADC passport holders do not require visas.

The normal visa fees apply as follows:

• Single Entry of UNIVISA -US$ 50
• Double Entry -US$ 80
• Transit US $50
• Day Visa US$ 20

Zambia has a sunny, semi-arid climate with the average annual temperature sitting at a pleasant 21.8 degrees Celsius (71.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Our warm months are September to April, with temperatures peaking in October. The rainy season is from November to April and our mild winter months are May to August.

For more detailed information, visit our When to Visit page.

Chundukwa Lodge is located in a low risk malaria region, and we are fortunate to have relatively few mosquitoes around the lodge. We do recommend that you see your doctor one month prior to travelling to acquire a prescription for prophylactics. The use of mosquito repellent during your stay, as well as wearing long-sleeved tops and trousers in the evenings, is strongly advised

The ridge of the falls are 1.7km wide. For this reason we highly recommend our guests to see the whole thing. This can be done in a number of ways.

If you want to see the full extent of the falls it is highly recommendable to buy a Univisa for $50 at your port of entry. This will allow you to walk between Zambia and Zimbabwe to view both sides which are equally spectacular and quite different. If you are travelling on our Fully Inclusive Package your Chundukwa guide will be happy to escort you as far as the Zimbabwe boarder and help you with customs if you wish. It is a short walk to the entrance of the Zimbabwe Falls. If you wish to have a private guide take you around the Zimbabwe falls this can be arranged at a small additional cost.

Without rushing and enjoying lunch along the way will take roughly 5 hours or more if you decide to shop in any of the curio markets. You can do it quickly too. In this case you will need at least two hours on the Zimbabwe side giving enough time to cross borders.

Being able to see the full overview of the falls from the air is sometimes really helpful. You can also view the seven ridges where the falls have receded of the past few million years. 15 min is ample to view the falls in their entirety plus have a good time. You can also view the falls from a micro-light or a fixed wing ultra-light

Most definitely – provided you leave by 7:30am you will have time to fit in a trip to Livingstone Island, or do a helicopter flight or any of the other myriad of activities available in the area. Please feel welcome to chat to us about this

Zambia $20 per person – no credit card facilities so please ensure you bring the right amount.
Zimbabwe $30 per person – sometimes their credit card facilities do not work so be sure to carry the right amount of cash.

The rainbow is visible on clear nights mostly during our winter months when there is little cloud around. This can be arranged by Chundukwa. Please feel free to contact us.

Parts of the falls can be viewed from a wheel chair. Being Africa we will always make a plan to get you to the best spots.

By all means bring your own. We do supply raincoats, towels, ziplock bags ( highly necessary) But if you are brave enough, it is best to visit the falls in shorts and a t-shirt and enjoy the thrill of a standing in nature’s own shower! You will dry off quickly in the sun afterwards or can change into dry clothes afterwards.

High Water Season is from Jan to July – there is lots of water going over the falls and steadily decreases towards the end of the year. It’s all about the falls and the spectacular spray. White Water Rafting and Livingstone Island continues through-out the year except 4-6 weeks during peak flood usually around April/May.

End September to beginning of December -more of the geological structure of the falls can be viewed which is spectacular.
When there is ‘low water’, – White water rafting, Livingstone Island and swimming in Devils Pool, Venturing Under the Falls is at its best. With the Univisa available, it is also easy to walk across the bridge and enjoy both sides of the falls if you wish.