Seasons of Chundukwa

The seasons of the Zambezi change dramatically across the year with each new season bringing something special and incredible. Obviously as a bespoke Zambezi experience, we at Chundukwa love to work with these changes to help our guests experience the fullness and diversity of what any given season at Chundukwa can offer.

'Colour me Zambia'

Summer: December – February

This is Africa re-born – because of the rains we now see exquisite colours in the sunrises and sunsets. We occasionally see the giant land snail and with all the migrant birds around in their breeding plumage, the bush is streaked with colour. The air is clean and the yellow Gladiolas flower around the Falls. With all of this on show in nature, we love to visit the local markets to shop for Chitenges with our guests too.

Who would love this time of year?

Honeymooners, babymooners and vow renewers. Anyone needing a recharge and a dose of beauty for the year ahead!

Activities for Summer:

Early morning horse rides, bush breakfasts, birding walks around the lodge and Chitenge shopping at the local markets.

‘Fullness of the Falls’


This is the world’s largest waterfall at its largest! It’s water and power and spray and lunar rainbows at full moon and something to be experienced! The air is still clean and the days are a glorious temperature. This is a wonderful time to be on the Zambezi River to see and feel the power and volume of this 73 million year old river!

Who would love this time of year?

Bucket list tickers, People wishing to be awestruck, Water lovers.

Activities for Autumn:

Early morning helicopter flips over Victoria Falls, champagne ‘spray’ breakfasts next to the river, half day canoe safaris paddling through the flooded channels and river banks. Witness the lunar rainbow over the Falls.

'The Fire and the Horse'


Winter is a time for fireside banter, safari viewing and horse rides. The bush is starting to thin and so rides along the river really come to the fore while with the waterholes drying up, more and more animals are coming to the river to drink. The nights are chilly and days are warm with stretching blue skies. It’s a time for electric blankets, hot chocolate and liqueurs and misty mornings over the Zambezi.

Who would love this time of year?

Horse riders, safari lovers, snugglers and photographers.

Activities for Winter:

Horse riding, overnight camping on horse trails, day trips to Chobe National Park, river cruises and rhino walking safaris.

‘Season of safari’

Spring: September – November

The river is now at its lowest, the days at their hottest and the game viewing is at its best! This is a time to be out walking in the bush or looking for wildlife on river cruises. The rock structure of the Falls is bared for all to see and Livingstone Island is open and thrilling! White water rafting is at its best and the hippos are up on our lawns grazing at night

Who would love this time of year

Safari lovers, Walkers, Adrenaline seekers, Year end functions and getaways.

Activities for Spring:

Early morning horse rides and rhino walks followed by a swim at the Chundukwa rock spa. Chobe day trips and white water rafting. Swim in Devil’s Pool.